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Success Stories

I have been using the Real−Time Surveyed Leads for the last week−and−a−half and have already brought 3 people onto my team . . . and one has already brought someone in as well. With your leads, my team is growing very fast with very good quality people that are teachable and ready to make a change in their lives. Thank you so much, Cutting Edge Media, for all your hard work and your genuine concern for our success. Every single CEM lead that I have talked has been of the highest quality!
− Cindy, CA

I was blessed to find Coastal and Cutting Edge Media a short 15 months ago, and I am blown away by how different my life looks today. I’ve made six figures my first year, building my business with Cutting Edge Media!

The money is great, but I also truly appreciate having a "system" I know works. Thank you Krissy, Lynn, and Kelly (and so many others) for always providing the top quality leads and customer service in this industry!
- Geneva , Louisiana

"We started our business 2 years ago and profited $8000 our first month, $100,000 in 6 months and over $200,000 our very first year in our Coastal  Business strictly using Cutting Edge Media Leads. We are now getting ready to open a huge office and staff downtown in our city and we are well on our way to a 7−figure income!  We have definitely made a name for ourselves in this industry and Cutting Edge Media has made our business easy!  When you can make $40,000 in one week using their leads, you know what they are doing is right on!
The service that Krissy, Lynn, Kelly, and all of the customer service reps provide is always outstanding!  Thank you, Cutting Edge Media! "
− Crystal / Shawn

"I obtained my Directorship in Coastal Vacations, which was a good thing, but the ad program also showed me that there are more top notch people out there than I thought . . . in Cutting Edge Media I found great leads and a company THAT GOES THE EXTRA MILE for their customers. I got training tapes from Cutting Edge Media by Jeffery Combs and Doug Firebaugh. These tapes gave me the extra push I needed. They allowed me to realize that I had the right words . . . BUT in the wrong sequence. Other things I like about Cutting Edge Media are the little extras that they throw in − mailings and 10 free leads here and there that other companies don’t do. Thank you, all of you at Cutting Edge Media."
− Larry

"My business depends 100% on CEM leads, I use nothing else. I knew after many failed MLMs that I did NOT want to approach my friends and family, neighbors, etc. My warm market is burnt, so these leads are the lifeblood of my business - PERIOD. The $7,000 I made in May came 100% from CEM Coastal leads and June is looking just as good! Thank you, Cutting Edge Media!"
− Ron

"I've signed up 10 people using primarily bulk e-mail leads. (I'm averaging about one sale every 8−10 days working about 1/2 hour per day). 100% of my sales have been with the help of CEM. I also have had positive feedback from many that I’ve trained regarding the interest they’ve received from the leads. The automatic depositing of the bulk e−mail leads has added to the positive experience with CEM. I will continue to use CEM to grow my business because they make the duplication of my business easy and efficient."
− David

"Well you won't believe it but...within 3 hours of loading my leads I had 15 replies!!! I've been in Coastal for only 3 weeks and have had 4 people sign up from CEM leads! I will get all my new people to use CEM when they get started! Thanks!"
− Jane

"Thanks to my Director and Cutting Edge Media’s Leads I am looking forward to financial freedom!"
− Becky

"I am very impressed with Cutting Edge Media and the customer service and staff. The leads are great for me; I am using Coastal Premium and Coastal Specific leads. A big hand to CEM for their hard work and excellent customer service."
− Irma A.

"I joined Coastal Vacations last month as well as CEM. I was very hesitant to call prospects last month. But, this month is a whole different ball game. With the help of CEM and understanding how you generate our "Coastal Specific" lead...I pick up the phone immediately. The prospects are waiting to hear from us. It is a great ice−breaker. They know the name Cutting Edge Media and having the 3rd party referral helps you get through the door (so to speak).

I received approximately 17 leads so far & almost talked to them all. If they don't join this month, some are gearing up for next. I can’t wait to receive my next batch of leads. This is getting very exciting.

The Coastal Calling Script and the quality of your leads is all I need to be successful. I have the confidence now to pick up the phone and CALL. Your training section is going to be very helpful when I bring directors into the business. This will help to leverage our time so we can continuously contact our clients. Thanks for all CEM does!"
− Ginny

"I got tons of responses and 1 person joined already! I also have 5 more interested in joining...I really like your program!"
− Ellen

"I have tried several ways of generating leads, other lead programs, cold calls, using internet search engines etc, and your program is the first that has given me people who are ready and eager to listen when I call them. The 3rd person I talked to signed up."
− Tom

"Just wanted you to know that I have much interest from the e−mail leads you’ve sent me and so far have signed one person into my business out of New Jersey. The best part of this is I never knew anyone in New Jersey before your leads. Thank you for helping to build my business and realize my dreams!"
− Michael

"Just wanted to drop you a thank you note regarding the leads I’ve received from Cutting Edge Media. They are fantastic! I have gotten three sales from the first thirteen leads that I have been sent. You have sent me more leads overall than I have expected and I like it when companies OVER deliver. I have encouraged other associates to purchase and they have. Keep up the great work and I expect to be a customer for awhile."
− Dave

"I'm having so much success — this has been the best investment for my home business. I’ve been involved with other lead generation companies and have not had the success like I'm currently having with Cutting Edge. I’ve already enrolled 3 people, and have about 6 more just checking out my Business website."
− Wendy

"I have enrolled 3 people from your lead program so far and I’m not done yet."
− Eileen

"All I have to say is THANKS, CUTTING EDGE MEDIA. Your lead program makes it so much easier. It’s definitely a friendlier market to introduce our company. The response has been really good and the majority of these folks are definitely looking for SUCCESS! Keep those leads coming!"
− Susan

"Thank you CEM for the "AWESOME" program you've put together for our Coastal group! I just started to return calls today... and people are so eager to speak to me about Coastal, it's incredible! We’ve already put 4 people on our nightly call and had one SIGN UP after the call! Thank you again for creating a fire under our group!"
− Stanford

"The Coastal Specific Lead program allows me to connect with prospects eager to learn more about a home based business with Coastal. The prospects are actually waiting for me to call. This is simply the best lead generating system for kickstarting your Coastal business! Thanks!"
− John, Vermont

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